• Start your petrol pump from day one, no more wasting of time for transmission line at hilly, offline, far flung roads.
  • Uninterrupted power in business hours.
  • To energies your Petrol pumps with greener energy, this is the most effective and economical solution by using solar panels, batteries which not only operates your petrol pumps throughout the day.
  • Solar Plant for Petrol Pump offer efficient and economic ways to harness the solar energy to generate electricity

Product Detail

  •  Solar PV Module Polycrystalline :Trina/ Vikram/Eqvivalent.
  • Wattage: 250Wp
  • Number of Panel: 40
  • Solar PCU with working and Standby mode
  • Make : Sukam/Growatt/Eqv.
  • Rating: 10
  • Unit: Kva
  • Quantity: 2.
  • Battery bank: Reputed 180Ah, 12V
  • Number of battery: 20
  • AC Isolator Box: 10 Kw
  • Module Mounting structure of galvanised iron: 1 lot
  • Module to AJB, AJB to Inverter DC UV protected flexible cable : Polycab/Siechem
  • Inverter to ACDB, ACDB to Utility or load Cu. flexible cable : Polycab/Havells
  • Earthing cable for ACDB, Inverter & LA to Earthing Electrode: Polycab/Havells
  • MC4 connector:Synergy
  • Lugs for DC cable :Dowells/ Elmex
  • Lugs for AC cable :Dowells/ Elmex
  • Chemical earthing with 40mm dia, 10ft long electrode for AC, DC & LA: Reputed
  • Lightning Arrestor with 20 mtr. radius


Basic Specifications

  • 0m/s
  • 0kw
  • 0mm
  • 0kg
  • 0mm
  • 0mm
  • 0mm
  • 0mm
  • 0kw
  • 0mm

Beads Parameter

  • 0mm
  • 0mm
  • 0mm
  • 0mm

Production Capabilites

  • 0m/min
  • 0mm