We would like to introduce ourselves as Suryavizhudhugal Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Authorized Partners of ‘Vikram Solar’ and Affiliated Partners of ‘IndiaGoSolar’ dealing in ‘Ground & Rooftop Solar Power Systems’ and ‘Solar Applications like Solar EV and Solar Streetlights’ based in Pondicherry with business transactions in & around the State of TamilNadu and the UT of Pondicherry.

Founded in April 2019 by Prof.Megan David J, a Former Faculty of Electrical Engineering in DMI College of Engineering, Chennai with B. E. in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Anna University and M.B.A in Human Resource Management from Annamalai University. Suryavizhudhugal Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a Private Limited having Registered Office in Pondicherry, boasts of a powerful team of 6 highly educated & skilled professionals who have successfully installed & commissioned over 300kW of On-Grid Rooftop Solar Systems in & around TamilNadu & Pondicherry.

We customize and provide tailor-made end-to-end solutions in Industrial, Commercial, and Residential premises based on your requirement; to fit your need for ground and roof top Solar PV system. After successful commissioning, we also look after the appropriate O&M service necessary to get the highest yield performance of your solar power plant project for a lifespan that spreads over 25 years.

We, on behalf of Vikram Solar, One of India’s largest solar panel manufacturers, invite you to be a part of National Solar Mission that is driven by the singular vision – harness the power of sun to enable solar everywhere. It is a major initiative of the Government of India and State Governments to promote ecologically sustainable growth while addressing India’s energy security challenge.

We are an integral part of Vikram Solar, India’s leading solar manufacturer Vikram Solar Limited (formerly known as Vikram Solar Pvt. Ltd.) is a globally recognized leading solar energy solutions provider, specializing in high efficiency PV module manufacturing and comprehensive EPC solutions. With an international presence across 6 continents, we are an active contributor in shaping the solar revolution.


Solar energy is playing heroics in compensating the electrical energy as there is short fall in this energy due to more demand and decline trends of conventional source of energies exhaustion of fuels like coal, petroleum, natural gases and constant of environmental and climatic changes to cope up this photovoltaic installation is being done in an electrical system to compensate and enhance the energy. An photovoltaic installation in an electrical system is made from the assembly of various photovoltaic units that uses solar energy to produce the electricity in a cheaper way from sun power. Till now the use and scope of solar energy is limited and has not reached up to masses Moreover the efficiency of the system is also low due to which the output is not sufficient as compared to input as in some installed case of solar panel it has been observed that efficiency is not more than 27%. To make it versatile and more useful for the masses newer trends and innovations will help.

Thus, Suryavizhdhugal solutions Pvt Ltd research team keeps on exploring the new locks and formulating keys to open the way to use the solar power at its full efficiency. And also keeps on building strong foundations on the upcoming Engineering generations.


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Generation of solar energy has tremendous scope in India. The geographical location of the country stands to its benefit for generating solar energy. The reason being India is a tropical country and it receives solar radiation almost throughout the year, which amounts to 3,000 hours of sunshine. This is equal to more than 5,000 trillion kWh. Almost, all parts of India receive 4-7 kWh of solar radiation per sq. metres. This is equivalent to 2,300–3,200 sunshine hours per year. States like Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, and West Bengal have great potential for tapping solar energy due to their location. Since majority of the population live in rural areas, there is much scope for solar energy being promoted in these areas. Use of solar energy can reduce the use of firewood and dung cakes by rural household. Many large projects have been proposed in India, some of them are:

i).Thar Desert of India has best solar power projects, estimated to generate 700 to 2,100 GW,

ii). The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) launched by the Centre is targeting 20,000 MW of solar energy power by 2022,

iii).Gujarat’s pioneering solar power policy aims at 1,000 MW of solar energy generation, and Rs.130 billion solar power plan was unveiled in July 2009, which projected to produce 20 GW of solar power by 2020.

Apart from above, about 66 MW is installed for various applications in the rural area, amounting to be used in solar lanterns, street lighting systems and solar water pumps, etc. Thus, India has massive plan for Solar Energy generation that may not only fulfil the deficit of power generation but also contribute largely in Green Energy Production to help to reduce the Climatic Changes globally.

Thus, Suryavizhdhugal solutions Pvt Ltd research team helps the society to get a cheap and harmless Solar technologies by idealizing the making of Solar cells out of all locally available non-toxic materials.






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Company's Vision

At Suryavizhudhugal we are focused on the welfare of the people and to support the energy consumption by reducing the capital for every human. We love to support everyone to use the every green and eco green system that we have given by nature. We make people to show that we are supportable to their vision and plan they have.


Make 500 + houses fully equipped with solar panels and provide enough energy for the consumption of current and 100+ industries that are fully running on solar.


400 + houses with solar usage and recruit enough employees to maintain and provide services to all the houses and 50 + industries with solar that would reduce the power cost.


Installation in 100 houses and reach 10+ industries to reach out their electricity needs by reducing the cost to the less capital possibilities. Reach Houses with personal solar equipment.


Foundation of the company and our vision and goals set to start a globalized industry of solar panels and solar in our day to day activities with personal equipment.